Soul: "SurfSisters' Home and Background"

Thank you to:
~Peter Hunt, who got me on board within a few lessons...
~Jan, my first "surf-sister", who served as a role-model...
~Vic, founder of Sydney Surf Chix, who welcomed me to join...
~Peter Paris, surf instructor "Go Surf LA", who I surfed with in LA...

Cheers Maggie

Aloha to all girls and women surfers around the world,

I am a true Aquarian who loves to be by the ocean, who needs the smell, sound, view, taste of the never ending rolling ocean waves... and only since recently, I need the feel of the waves, too:-)!

Originally from Germany, I wouldn't have turned into a surf chick, if I hadn't moved to beautiful Australia about three years ago.
Having been a sportswoman all my life, here, it was inevitable to get in contact with surfing! And yes, at the age of 53 I fell in love with it.

I am still a novice out there on the waves but enjoy it with all my body and soul. It is the most intoxicating sport and way of life.
I want to share my passion for it; that's why I am "sistering" and

I am very much looking forward to networking with other girls and women surfers and hope you will send contributions to this site.

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